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Bom dia!!

Boa segunda-feira aos amigos apreciadores de um bom mate!

Que esta semana seja abençoada. E que possamos no decorrer dos dias cevar bons mates com gosto de esperança!



Chimarrão é uma coisa tão buena, que vira até verso nas palavras do poeta!!

Pergaminho {PS Edições} cópia

I Tell People My Wife Is An Emergency Room Nurse They Are Amazed

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I see just how much hard work and sacrifice goes into the work.

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The days are long and busy. According to my Apple Watch, I often walk as many as 20 miles in a shift.

What’s something people wouldn’t realize about being an ER nurse?

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And John, what’s something people wouldn’t know about being married to an ER nurse?

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I also feel a lot of gratitude because my family is healthy. Being an ER nurse constantly reminds me to be grateful for what I have now because I have healthy children. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that.

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John, when you tell people what your wife does for a living, how do they typically respond?

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